Press Enter to execute an item’s associated function. An adapter’s configuration is stored in its associated NVM. In most case, your controller ID will be 0. Indicates whether this device may possibly be selected as the boot device. Off means termination on the adapter is off and the devices at the ends of the SCSI bus must terminate the bus.

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Boot Drive Only provides removable media support for a removable hard drive if it is first in the scan order. LUN 0 is always queried. You may sccsi to alter these default values if there is a conflict between device settings or if you need to optimize system performance.


Below the header area, the Zcsi Adapter List and Global Properties options are available for you to configure their host adapters. Press Esc to abort or exit from this utility. None indicates no removable media support. The example above sets scsi-options for target 1 to 0x58 and all other targets on this SCSI bus to 0x Linux kernel drivers 3.

This is mmpt requirement for Microsoft Cluster Server. An opensource monitoring software exists, as well as a proprietary management tool called lsiutil. Then exit to continue the boot process. SCSI devices will be inaccessible.


FreeBSD Manual Pages

A value of zero allows unlimited time for an operation to complete and could result in the system hanging waiting forever should an operation fail. This area provides the data being presented. Three settings are allowed: Spinup Delay Secs Indicates the number of seconds to wait between spinups of devices attached to an adapter. All, None, or Supported. This option is only applicable to devices attached to adapter number zero in the boot list on non-BBS systems.

The mpt driver does not support linked commands. The scsi-tag-age-limit property is ignored by mptscsj of controller or devices type. Indicates whether an adapter has NVM associated with it.

Here is an example of the Adapter Properties Menu:. If a non – parity generating device disconnects, its operation will never complete because the reselection fails due to parity error. Running mpt-status without any parameters will give you the same output example as above.

Use the arrow keys ssci select the desired adapter and press Enter to add it to the end of the Boot Adapter List. This property delays the offlining of a device until the timer has expired. Until arrays are healthy again a reminder will be sent each 2 hours. The following example disables an option for one specific parallel SCSI mpt device. The user accesses specific information using the options available in the footer area as described below.


This tool comes from LSI. The following configurable properties are kpt for parallel SCSI controllers and devices: Specifies the maximum data width in bits.

mpt – man pages section 7: Device and Network Interfaces

It will log a ligne to syslog when something failed and will send you a mail. The driver attempts to eliminate this problem by reducing the data transfer rate.

If the utility is available, the following message also appears on your monitor:. However don’t expected verbose output. Device and Network Interfaces.