Large-scale multi-touch display technology, education , broadcast , meetings and collaboration. Further, if corporate is already enrolled with W7 they will continue to expand that rather than adding W8 for replacement machines or expanding workforce. My Profile Log Out. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Will Karlgaard ask the tough questions? Using my two hands, I was able to flip around and zoom in to my native Chicago areas of the map, even turning the map on a tilt to travel across the city in a poor-man’s 3D perspective.

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I do it in OneNote desktop app all the time while taking grad school notes, but for some wild reason, modern OneNote refused to micrrosoft it properly.

Even the thought of installing last generation Windows 7 for such a device would kill the display’s advantages fairly quickly. You can reach him at derrick at wlodarz dot net.

Why Did Microsoft Buy Giant-Touchscreen-Maker Perceptive Pixel?

Seeing that big hungry frog respond to my actions was much more thrilling on 82″. Perhaps students in the class could be asked percwptive come up to the display to draw out their answers, as I frequently had to do back in high school. Maybe I wanted to draw live circles around all of the locations our technicians were visiting at that particular time, and other details.

Apple stands by its bent pixeo Pro 22 Comments. Request more information from the following dealers:. And years ago, most people would have never thought that we would be seeing things like 3D or 4K definition in any form outside of big established movie theaters.


The Microsoft Insider test program is open for business. Further, if corporate is already enrolled with W7 they will continue to expand that rather than adding W8 for replacement machines or expanding workforce.

Why Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel is the coolest touch TV you can’t buy (yet)

Tech Data, Cisco Partner on Innovation Center The team-up promises to offer solution providers education on the multicloud and hyperconvergence. Find out what it takes to be a good security partner: Marking up a Word or PDF file in such a manner wouldn’t be far fetched.

It works like a monster digital whiteboard should. Microsoft is replacing its existing ‘My Office’ app with a new Office app for Windows 10 — a Progressive Web App which will be available to all Office users ‘soon. Microsoft will ship Windows 8 in Octoberpercepitve company has acquired Perceptive Pixel a multi-touch companyand Microsoft will now allow partners to manage Office customer billing.

Microsoft Windows 8 Ship Date, Perceptive Pixel Acquisition

But at 82″ with multi touch point capabilities in life-size manner, pefceptive monitor makes your desktop touchscreen look like child’s play. I even opened the familiar Cut the Rope game just for kicks. Big interactive screens with multitouch capabilities. The VAR Guy is gathering more details. Otherwise, you’re talking about glare hell.

Such functionality would be so useful in numerous other scenarios. Ecler Laboratorio de Electro-Acustica S. The Microsoft Insider test program is open for business Microsoft is evolving its IT-pro-focused Windows Insider for Business program with its new Microsoft Insider test program.


Large-scale multi-touch display technology, educationbroadcastmeetings and collaboration. The Maps app was also neat pixdl explore, in ways that I never tried on my little laptop. If Microsoft can successfully combine the capabilities of what the PixelSense offers formerly the original Surface table in a beautiful wall-mountable format like the Perceptive Pixel screen, I can easily see growing interest in such interactive technologies for the living room. Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft.

Most consumer level devices like my Thinkpad convertible or desktop touchscreen all-in-ones max out at just a few touch points, which theoretically limits you to a single person’s two handed input. Microsoft announced intentions to buy the six-year-old perceptlve multi-touch display maker Perceptive Pixel on July 9. Could have very well been an oddity limited to OneNote.

Flipboard was intuitive and relatively problem free as well. I’m consistently inking in OneNote on my convertible Thinkpad and love it.

But is it really that impractical to believe? Part of the problem was that I had never experienced touch input on this percpetive of scale before.