Thanx a lot, now my old ibm x30 runns! Well Mepis loads drivers that sort of work. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. For the sake of reproducing this, does this happen in gnome, KDE org both? Has anyone found a fix for this chipset since then or do I have to give up and go back to Windows where it works fine. Das heisst wahrscheinlich sind das irgendwelche modes die ich noch nicht korrekt setze. I upgraded from 8.

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Searching for BusID pci: Disabling kernel mode setting worked for me in the early 9.

If visual effects are turned off the problem disappears. This is a fresh 9. I too suffer from this problem, on a fresh ijtel of 9. This kernel mode setting is supposed to make machines boot faster, but if it kills video, what good is it?

[xubuntu] Display Flickering and Offset; Intel

But I needed also an update kernel and rivers set, to get my new 3G Internet key to be recognized and working. Org Server Extension, version 2.

Wie kann ich das Flackern wegbekommen, ohne den gdm zu starten? VGA1 ist einfach nur ein externe Ausgang der nicht von Interesse ist.


Debian Squeeze and Intel 82830 GC on Thinkpad X30

I hate to do so as I am a Mepis lover and I do mot want to regress. Meiner Ansicht nach sind alle Einstellungen wiederholfrequenz usw. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. This is not all, the title of the windows is corrupted progressively, in some case with “corrupted” fonts, sometimes with long blank rectangles.

Is it an Xorg issue? Results 1 to 4 of 4.

I haven’t had trouble gcc fonts that looks like the screenshots 828330 by borzwazie and bluesuede. Just for your information, your solution is working for Debian Squeeze and Xubuntu Blurred parts are not part of the corruption. Join Date Sep Beans 2. II “dri” will be loaded by default. No registered users and 7 guests. The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.

Sometimes segments of readable windows appear superimposed on top of other windows i. Not using default mode “x” vrefresh out of range II intel 0: Wenn ich also x chipste startx oder xinit starte, startet alles korrekt, aber die anzeige flimmert sehr stark, und das Bild ist um 2 cm nach rechts verschoben.


Again thanks alot and keep up your valuable work! Mir ist noch eingefallen, auch der Installer der alternate cd hat so geflackert. My initial impression of GRUB 2: Have been struggling with c graphics since forever.

MX Linux Forum

This kind of BS amounts to one thing and one thing only: No memory allocations II intel 0: I can confirm it does occur on Gnome as well as KDE but not as consistently or so it seemed to me. Sorry for typos but text keeps going away in this window and it is hard to see what I typed and didn’t. Chipest I saw the messages from Bryce Harrington just above, I was reluctant to download a whole new.

I have the intel drivers specified in xorg. Adding extended input device “AT Translated Set 2 keyboard” type: