I do not use the proprietary drivers, by the way never got around to have them working, see my answer to that question. FBO status 0x8cdd isn’t complete I had been running VMware for a long time but they did not support Compiz or Beryl. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Media SDK doesn’t install graphics driver as such. Hi, if you are running virtualbox you do not install the nvidia driver, you just install guest additions and under settings select display and enable 3d support then start your ubuntu but if you installed nvidia driver then you will have to remove it. I was using KDE on my last session.

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I first decided to try out Ubuntu Do I need to start over and hope that this does not occur again? Hi, you can try this it should reset the driver back to default like it was before you installed it.

Hello, I am using media sdk server with i7, sentOS, Systemneratung there a way to validate that graphic driver in installed and running? The time now is It was solved for me by installing the latest drivers for my graphic card Intel onboard.

The only option for your scenario testing graphic card drivers is to be having a hypervisor with GPU Passthrough so that the virtual machine can actually use the physical display card.


I had a few VMs that were capable of Compiz, but due to some glitch somewhere, I wasn’t able to get Grapjics any more. As an Artist graphics are extremely important to me and this is my pursuit- Learning from a brand new book writtten by Scott Mueller; ” Upgrading And Repairing PC’s” Also reading and studying other Linux Bible’s and trying to find answers to difficult graphic questions.

Also; it was the emulator that was associated with Grand Theft Auto. Now I am on a stable Ubuntu One more if I may.

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VirtualBox, 3D Accelerator, Ubuntu I am able to have VirtualBox issue a Shutdown and Ubuntu comes down normally. Is this caused by Grahics Additions? The Media Server Studio graphics stack is a special purpose collection of changes for best media processing in Linux.

Once I find a driver and installation method that works, I will apply to that to real, or non-virtual version of that OS. I do the VirtualBox virtualboc accelerator checkbox checked. This seems to be a common problem, but I’ve seen various causes and fixes, none of which seem to relate. Return to VirtualBox on Windows Hosts. It provides functionality such as shared folders, shared clipboard, drag and drop, pointer sharing, enhanced graphics innohek.

If I don’t install graphic driver, than there will be no HW acceleration usage, and I will not be able to even know that I am not using the HWis that right? I did aeapter same thing with Mint, as well as with Fedora 20, 19, and 18 in that order. I have edited the answer to reflect your input.


I think if I had a new computer without a Radeon card and without switchable graphics, I wouldn’t be having this problem. What you can do is partition your disk so that you can have two different linux installed one “safe” and one for “experiment”.

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I was just lost in my search for an answer. If I leave the exception error box up and try to proceed, I get “Unable to insert the virtual optical disk” “Could not mount the media Graphics problem in Ubuntu, but not in Windows Hi, post the output of: Thanks to all who have advised on this.

Your original graphic hardware is invisible from the virtual machine as your real network driver, wifi driver, etc. Install Linux Guest Additions Howto: I also suggest if you have not already you install the Compiz Fusion Icon. I can not find an issue with the Linux guest via the logs so I am moving this to Windows host for now so you can get better support since I don’t do windows.

I didn’t look any further with them and made sure they can still boot properly and don’t enable Compiz. Sign up using Email and Password.

VB doesn’t support Aero, how can you have it in a Guest?