Shopping cart Quantity Product No products. The generation of white space on the boundary between different colors or around characters is prevented. You can also request a quotation by filling out this simple form. Description This toner cloth acts like a magnet and attracts toner powder holding the powder in it’s fibers. Develop IUM magenta imaging unit original.

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Interested In This Machine? In [Select Color] in the [Quality] tab, select a color mode for printing. Selecting the [Toner Save] check box in the [Quality] tab adjusts the printing density in folour to save the amount of toner consumed.

Specifying the Color and Image Quality

For details, refer to Here. In [Image Compression] in the [Quality] tab, select whether the quality or printing speed is preferred when the image data contained in the original is compressed. You can also request a quotation by filling out this simple form. The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications 2500 network protocols as well as network and system configurations.

You can adjust the overall info quality of the original, and you can also adjust in detail the image quality of each element of the original, such as text and photos. So businesses were forced to work with one printer for colour and another for black-and-white documents.


Waste Toner Bottles |Develop Printers | Office Technology Corporation

But much of what is printed or copied in a business is for internal use only, where black-and-white output is fine. Selecting the optimum color representation for the indo [Color Settings] Select the optimum settings for the original to print it at the optimum image quality level.

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In the [Quality] tab, click [Quality Adjustment]. When you open the [Quality] tab and set the [Select Color] to [Auto Color], the image is automatically converted into gray scale and printed if the Colout values of the original are below the thresholds you have set. In [Pattern] in the [Quality] tab, select the graphic pattern density.

This cloth is not suitable for drums.

Develop IUM magenta imaging unit original. Select the [Auto Trapping] check box to superimpose neighboring colors to print so as to prevent white space being generated around a picture. Selecting colors for printing ino Color] Select colors for printing.

Sharpen the edges of images such as text in the table and graphics to improve legibility. Tips This is effective for thin lines such as table borders created in Excel, but not for thin lines used in illustrations.


Description Develop Ijeo yellow toner.

For example, you can increase the vividness or reduce the color difference. Sharpening the border between text etc. Zoom in – Engineered for inkjet, laserjet and copiers. Original Konica Minolta waste toner collector, capacity pages. Description Develop TNK black toner.

Develop ineo+ 280

Set this table when you want to specify the printer fonts that replace TrueType fonts. Original Minolta R fuser unitcapacity pages. Description Develop IUK black coloir unit. Develop TNY yellow toner original. In [Color Settings] in the [Quality] tab, select the optimum color setting mode for the original.

Fine-tuning the image quality according to the original [Quality Adjustment] You can fine tune the color image quality according to the original. Description Develop IUY yellow imaging unit. Public; Personal with password or authentication ; Group with authentication. But now DEVELOP has launched a new series of printers that produces black-and-white documents as economically as a monochrome system would — and brings users the added value of high-impact colour.