It won’t pop up on my television for some reason. It will recognize that the controller is already in there and avoid creating a duplicate entry. Double Fine added a couple of mappings for Logitech controllers but not much beyond these basic profiles. Jan 25, 9: Just in case any Linux users end up here, here are the paths: In the big picture menu The Cave should just be listed if it’s installed and you should just be able to launch it and have it work.

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XBox Controller Driver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Thanks for the reply! It doesn’t seem to be detected on steam in big picture mode and after installing the tattieboggle controller nori it still doesn’t get detected.

I was having the same issue with a Logitech F on Linux and this fixed if for me. I also like the dude who let me know about this thread specifically. But I don’t have the given configuration in the config.

But that won’t matter in TheCave. I’m going to post about this over in the Double Fine Forums and see if they can help. Interestingly, my gamepad works in the hoir picture mode, but only not in The Cave.


I would first check out the Gamepad Companion, after that if it isn’t workin try another controller? This is easy to fix: It should work amc Linux too with some changes. SDL2 see’s it as a Joystick but won’t let it be a true ‘Gamecontroller’ until it knows the proper button mapping. Thanks for posting this!

That’s been my experience anyways. The Cave Store Page.

I just moved heaven and earth aka, debugged the source for tattiebogl’s xbox driver so my PDP Afterglow controller would work only to find that The Cave is not recognizing it for some reason. Just a quick note that I updated the script so that it will now be happy if you change your bindings in Steam mxc picture. My one caution is that if you do a integrity check of the game files in Steam it will detect the hofi and re-download this file erasing your change.

Controller for mac?(Big picture :: Steam for Mac

Hi guy, I’m really hoping you can help me, I’m using a Rock Candy Xbox wired controller and am having the problem that it doesn’t detect the controller.

If you know it works on you computer i. Configure your controller in Big Eex2, make sure everything works there 2.

For my Razer Onza it looks like this: My controller works with Steam under ‘Big Picture’ mode very sweet but The Cave does not respond to it at all. Hmm, I’m not sure what you mean.


Free with Xbox Live Gold. But yes, this is the problem. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Last edited by olliebrown ; Jan 27, hork Showing 1 – 15 of 19 comments.

Will the PS3 Hori Fighting Stick 3 arcade stick work in Windows Vista?

Okay, hoi it, the proper configuration for DualAction Gamepad would be: I totally just discovered this solution on my own by digging through the app bundle. So I’m using a Rock Candy Xbox wired controller, and had to patch the driver using the patch [here] http: Has anyone gotten an xbox controller working in The Cave for Mac a genuine Microsoft one or a 3rd party one?

Xbox1 controllers do not work. Using Afterglow and never had a problem: Lobovski View Profile View Posts.