It won’t work if you are using a patched version on an MBR partitioned disk. To Add to shopping cart, choose from option above. If anybody with the same ‘kind’ of laptop would like to share his experience I’d appreciate, and I hope this topic will be useful, cheers. This is what I have installed, I hope it will help somebody and that somebody could help to improve some things: I don’t understand what distribution are you now using and if the graphic card is ok or not

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If you guys are able to make a backup copy of your bios and load it to rapidshare, it should be useful if someone wants to try the difference, ’cause no one of the companies that sell this laptop is officially releasing it.

I dunno why this doesn’t work, since with the same product and vendor id many people don’t have problems, look here. A wide variety of hasee tablet options are available to you, such as free samples. New model stylish design rgb glowng light keys rond usb optical laptop keyboard with copper cable wired.


OK, it seems I finally managed to get my Jasee working correctly! Build-in removable rechargable Li-ion battery that has longer standby time. This gasee in China were the computers are made, imagine if anything happens to your laptop in Europe! Anyone can confirm that the fan remain always on? Delivery time Dear customer, Delivery take around 1 week, Please take note, thankswish you a great day.


Anyone tried to install an internal bluetooth module?

With the Hasee Bios the fan stays quiet for a while, on Windows and XP it rarely turn itself on, especially if you’re doing something like w230 the internet or reading an ebook. Shanghai close Please select your delivery provinces and cities. Posted April 1, I dunno why this doesn’t work, since with the same product and vendor id many people don’t have problems, look here – Card reader: As said in the first post there are many brands that sell the exact same hardware.

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Register a new account. I don’t understand what distribution are you now using and if the graphic card is ok or not However, controlling the video camera is possible but capturing the video and previewing it is not possible Did I missed sth? If you get a cursor stuck on the top left of your screen and another one which can be moved but on an empty black screen, don’t search any further, that is the reason.

I searched the forum but is so confusional that I don’t know from where start and considering that my internet connection is very slow and downloading a distribution will take very long I want to download the right distribution!

I tried three different brands with three different frequencies, and for me the result was always the same, stable with one memory 2gb totalunstable with two I didn’t like it at all and uninstalled it.


Touch keyboard for android tv H20 Colourful and cool. I just selected nothing additional, and as you said the support for 2w30n X should come with the retail install without modified kext mine works just fine with all the features.

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Sign In Sign Up. Firewire does show up in the system information ap, it shows me the correct speed and detects if a video camera is plugged in. This means you must have re-partitioned your disk before the installation from the Mac OS X disk utility. I haven’t noticed any difference with these kexts but at least that message disappeared. Posted March 23, Hi, I’d like to have a topic for laptops like mine that come from the same model but have a wide range of brands.

Ask Question Please choose your preferred method of contact. Posted January 20, Have to restart the computer times to get the screen load correctly like it would have to heat up or something – other people with this card have had the issue on the forum.

Sign up for a new account in our community. I forgot to mention, if you use the retail dvd you must re-partition your hdd with a GUID partition table and install os x on your first partition.