Currently listening to Pink Floyd in a Stadium. Multi driver headphones are a gimmick. They have had the same sound card on the market for years with no updates which shows the quality. It’s the other way around for me. What happened to this?? My guess is Q2 of at the earliest.

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EVGA Sound Card

I really would love to see both the sound card and keyboard. This thing was announced ages ago and we’ve never heard anything of it since. After booting into Windows, download the latest drivers for your graphics card s or your onboard video controller. Go for upper tier and not middle ground. The prototype looks sweet but the niche in this market is true 7. Third, this will help solve conflicts between using a onboard sound and HDMI pass-through audio.

We didn’t see it on display at Computex in June. First, this option will allow you to use headphones or speakers connected to either the onboard audio panel or your front panel, even though you are using the Suond pass-through audio connector, by simply turning the HDMI audio to disabled.


This is kind of a sketchy area to get into.

EVGA – Intelligent Innovation – Official Website

Your ZXR card is a very good consumer grade card so evga would really have to do there homework to make something better than that and competitively priced at that price level. View More Evra Galleries. I was looking at this as well. Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, MON: They keep telling me Zion Status: I have forwarded your query to EVGA. Maybe will get lucky and it will come out this year.

My onboard is fine for me If EVGA gets into sound, they soun my vote.

EVGA Sound Card – EVGA Forums

CES is just a few days away, i wonder if evga will give us an update or not. For EVGA products evsa here: You may want to use this for several reasons.

Design a sound card with 7. I’m not really digging what Asus has to offer or even sound blaster, and Sound blaster is purely over priced as it is.


There is not a single HDMI real 7. What the snap-crackle-pop EVGA? Currently listening to Pink Floyd in a Stadium. Def enjoy that ZXR, its a good card.

Source Jacob on twitchtv stream. If not, check to make sure that the cable connections are secure and that the monitor or TV is set to the proper signal – Evvea. I appreciate the info. Source Jacob on twitchtv stream FalconX79Dark There is only one analog true 7.

It’s sitting next to the keyboards. Turn the computer on, and watch to see if the monitor or TV displays picture.

Anyone know if EVGA has released more information about it’s upcoming sound cards? Scarlet-Tech I really would love to see both the sound card and keyboard. It takes a little bit of experimenting to set up the best sound field.