And then It’s got better. Your system will find a new device and will ask for a driver. Plug in the programmer. Like I said, it’s a universal schematic diagram. The description is similar to AVR

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You don’t even need a computer or programmer.

Plug in the programmer. The description is similar to AVR When J3 is short the frequency is 20 kHz, when open – And as a result your controller stops responding. I have my previous version of USBasp programmer. One guy has made a huge job. Jumper J1 is used avr9110 loading firmware to this programmer through the same ISP connector.

All you’ve got to do is load suitable firmware.

That’s what my next post is gonna be about. Here are three archives containing hex-files and drivers for Windows. There is a square wave of 1 MHz on that pin.

PROTTOSS PROTTOSS AVR910 USB Programmer driver download and installation

This schematic is different from USBasp that I’ve posted here. Remove it after loading and place jumper J2. Ueb new Com port will appear, check your Device Manager. I’ve tried all three versions of firmware and all of them work very well. Like I said, it’s a universal schematic diagram.


I didn’t make the PCB, why should I?

AVR ISP: AVR programmer firmware Free Download

I’ve already told you about USBasp, it’s a great programmer, the fastest Programemr know. I’ve already written about USBasp, so I’m not gonna do it again. STK is a standard Atmel protocol. Your system will find a new device and will ask for a driver.

He adopted those three firmwares for one hardware.

The schematic and firmware has changed but driver and the rest of the description remains same check here. Jumper J3 is used for low frequency programming.

AVR USB step by step instructions for assembly –

Posted by Nazar Sliunchenko at But there is an easier way! Newer Post Older Post Home. Check author’s site also in Russian.

You might need the “low frequency” programmeg when internal oscillator of the controller the one you are about to program is set to kHz. All I’ve got to do is change some connections on the board according to the schematic of AVR and reload the firmware. And then It’s got better. So, just build it and load one of three firmwares.


If you know Russian you can check here. So any program should support this programmer my gues. To use it with Arduino go to I personally prefer this programmer because it supports more chips and works with most software.