Please be kind and help me out here, beacause I’m lost, and I don’t want to change motherboard. But not for that, I have a cable network or when not moving away, I found the system unit so that it can be moved without any consequences, I have to turn the cable and do not depart Secure the cable to the body of the system unit and in the future he will not depart. In the begining the pc freezed with artefacts in program that used much of the gpu gtx. Since the pc had been working for a month and no new hardware is installed, I don’t understand the cause of this error. One Voltage problem with my GX extreme 3 mainboard. As I posted in the thread at http: Someone from support maybe??

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In manual codes explanation is: Last edited by Pat Man http: Then install the raid drivers from the Asrock site. It used to automatically boot to xbmc but now it won’t.


Would someone mind providing a guide on overclocking my memory to mhz. Updated bios – latest 2. How can I reset to factory settings I. A very common problem is that the poster does not take the time to create a detailed hardware list with brand names and model numbers. My main point is that Sean is no longer posting in this thread and forum. Its my 5th one I have built Not a rookie.


ASRock > N68C-S UCC

Tried assembling another mobo installing a gt PCIE with same results! There is no tech support!!!!!!

Visit our Help Pages. Another alternative is to find a motherboard or memory review from a reputable website that tested with the exact same memory and motherboard. My question is i had problems trying to use PCI Ex 2. Asrock cbannel problem or is relevant to the nvidia driver?

Good for the use. Regardless, this is disappointing, mainly because of the lack aucio involvement by ASRock itself. You referred to my last sentence above, and so am I. I removed the video card, dust cleaned, slot changed, change power cables and artefacts where present in bios screen entered in windows and the freezed.

Didnt have any problems at all.

The next day, the problem started to come out. Thanks for your answer Regards Lola. In case you haven’t received an answer for your question yet. See all 12 reviews. I have bought from them when they were ewiz.


ASRock > N61P-S

Hey guys have a simple question. I can’t even enter in the bios. Customers who bought this item also bought.

It is an excellent product. Also shop in Also shop in. The last time this happened it kind of solved itself.

I qsrock had so much help in tweak town and welcome the new addition of the As-rock Forum. Instead, I got error code 54, which, according to my manual, means “unspecified memory initialization error”. BUT i use a ocz ssd gb vertex2 worked like a charm on the old board on the slot no problems. Where i am confused, is llc is supposed to battle voltage droop, but if you look closely at what i stated, it is actually creating droop.