That’s an enticing prospect: The AMD FX is a new motherboard chipset, and the first two strapping motherboards are definitely aimed at enthusiasts. Z77 is of course the Intel chipset predominantly released for Ivy Bridge based processors. In theory these would be your possible PCIe lane confogurations: The Bulldozer module itself has two integer cores. Let’s go to the next page and have an overview of the product with the help of photos.

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AMD is great at backwards compatibility and this chipset carries that consumer-friendly torch. Well, pretty frickin little to be honest. As you can understand, with SSDs getting faster and faster that’s just a much warmed and welcomed increase of bandwidth.

The changes for Z77 primarily can be found in native USB 3. SB will allow you to connect up-to 14 USB 2. Those eight core, quad-mod Bulldozer chips should match the i7 K pace for pace. So to understand the FX chipser from AMD, aimed at the more enthusiast PC user, all we simply need to do is tell you a thing or two about its features.

Asus isn’t really leaving anyone wanting by including just six SATA 3 and chipser SATA 2 ports, but it’s worth bearing in mind when figuring out why the Gigabyte board is pricier. This is understandable, considering that it is an enthusiast platform and, thus, quite unlikely to be used in configurations without PCI Express x16 graphics adapters.


AMD 900 chipset series

It’s still handled by an onboard controller limiting the number of ports. These motherboards will have a cuipset altered feature set and thus support them new upcoming apples from Intel.

Hyperthreading gives a performance boost of around 25 per cent out of one core, and AMD is promising 80 per cent performance boosts from the second integer core on a single module. DirectX 11 tessellation performance: Asus’ Sabertooth board comes without that TUF thermal armour that gives its P67 iteration that distinctive look, and sports the rugged design and heatsinks painted in ubiquitous military tones.

The AMD FX is a new motherboard chipset, and the first two strapping motherboards are definitely aimed at enthusiasts. In Intel cores, one multi-purpose scheduler deals with integer and fl oating point logic.

What we do know about Bulldozer, suggests that motherboards that support it will be in high demand. Sadly, there’s no native USB 3. The chipset consists out of two chips that are added onto the motherboard PCB.

Gigabyte’s board looks great too, which is a pleasant surprise after their gimmicky Assassin enthusiast range. With the chipset out of the way. Good to know however is that Z77 also supports Sandy Bridge Socket based processors, that’s right your favorite Core i5 K and Core i7 K will be perfect for these motherboards as well. The Bulldozer module itself has two integer cores. Both boards are capable overclockers, and here Asus’ BIOS and AI suite betters the Gigabyte, making the process smoother and drawing slightly higher results.

Beyond that, there’s shared L2 and L3 cache for both integer cores in the Bulldozer module. It’s good to go with Bulldozer chips when they arrive too, but they’re also happy with any existing AM3 processors.


990vx Each integer core has its own L1 cache and integer scheduler logic, but just one floating point scheduler per Bulldozer module. In fact, the mainboard lays special emphasis on support for multi-GPU configurations, being equipped with four mechanical PCI Express x16 slots.

For SB raid modes 0,1,5 and 10 are supported.

chipswt It seemed like a good opportunity to get the jump on Intel as it works to get USB 3. Now for regular HDDs that is not really very important. So what has changed in the chipset over FX you might ask?

It’s available on both motherboards.

AMD chipset series – Wikipedia

That’s an enticing prospect: This article is a full review of what you may expect from the TUF series Sabertooth Z77, have peek after which we’ll dive right into the photo shoot. The primary innovation from AMD’s 32nm chip can be found in the cores department.

This means we’ll get a clearer insight into exactly what this chipset is capable of.